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Overlooked Benefits Of Drinking Water It's no big secret that humans need to drink water - lots of it. Staying hydrated is a must, and it is an integral part of maintaining your health and wellness. But did you know that 75 percent of Americans are chronically ...
Timeline Photos What Chemicals Are in Tap Water?
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7 Things You Need To Know About Your Tap Water Tap water. It's easy to access for millions, and in many instances, it seems like it's a perfect way to keep yourself hydrated. And while it certainly beats the alternative of not drinking any water at all, the reality is ...
Timeline Photos 7 Signs Your Home Needs a Water Softener
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#CarolinaFreshWater #WaterTestingService #Greensboro #WestinghouseDynamicDealer #WaterFiltration #WaterTreatment #CleanWaterProducts #CleanWaterServices #WaterFilterSupplier #Contractor #FreeWaterTest
Timeline Photos How does a water softener work?
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#CarolinaFreshWater #WaterTestingService #Greensboro #WestinghouseDynamicDealer #WaterFiltration #WaterTreatment #CleanWaterProducts #CleanWaterServices #WaterFilterSupplier #Contractor #FreeWaterTest
Timeline Photos 7 Signs Your Home Needs a Water Softener
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#CarolinaFreshWater #WaterTestingService #Greensboro #WestinghouseDynamicDealer #WaterFiltration #WaterTreatment #CleanWaterProducts #CleanWaterServices #WaterFilterSupplier #Contractor #FreeWaterTest
Timeline Photos Hard Water Warning Signs: What To Look For

#CarolinaFreshWater #WaterTestingService #Greensboro #WestinghouseDynamicDealer #WaterFiltration #WaterTreatment #CleanWaterProducts #CleanWaterServices #WaterFilterSupplier #Contractor #FreeWaterTest
Top Reasons You Should Never Drink Bottled Water Again Water is everywhere, and it truly is the secret of life. After all, without water, we wouldn't be here at all. Staying hydrated is important, and over the years there has been a huge shift towards the use of bottled ...
Today we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, March 21! 💛💙💛💙
Just like typical people, individuals with Down syndrome have two copies of each of their 23 chromosomes but they have third copy of chromosome 21, a genetic condition known as ...
The Big Reasons To Install A Water Filtration System In Your Home Did you know that the average American only drinks 2.5 cups of water per day? But most doctors recommend at least 10 cups per day in order to stay hydrated, and dehydration can lead to everything from fatigue to trouble ...
Timeline Photos How Water Softeners Work
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The Benefits Of Reverse Osmosis Water It has taken a long time, but America has finally reached the point where people are putting down soft drinks and increasing their consumption of water. In fact, water consumption increased by 120 percent between 2000 and 2015 while soft drink...
Timeline Photos Health Benefits of Having Soft Water
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#CarolinaFreshWater #WaterTestingService #Greensboro #WestinghouseDynamicDealer #WaterFiltration #WaterTreatment #CleanWaterProducts #CleanWaterServices #WaterFilterSupplier #Contractor #FreeWaterTest
Timeline Photos How to Stop Hard Water from Ruining Your Skin

#CarolinaFreshWater #WaterTestingService #Greensboro #WestinghouseDynamicDealer #WaterFiltration #WaterTreatment #CleanWaterProducts #CleanWaterServices #WaterFilterSupplier #Contractor #FreeWaterTest
Timeline Photos Here are the benefits of having a water treatment system

#CarolinaFreshWater #WaterTestingService #Greensboro #WestinghouseDynamicDealer #WaterFiltration #WaterTreatment #CleanWaterProducts #CleanWaterServices #WaterFilterSupplier #FreeWaterTest

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Schedule your free water test and in-home consultation today. One of our Carolina Fresh Water Experts will come to your home and will test your water right in front of you. After the results, our expert will consult you on how to provide clean, safe drinking water for you and your entire family. Just fill in the form below to get started.
  • 5
    "Kennis B."

    I had searched water filter systems on the Internet. I was contacted by Carolina Fresh Water and arranged an in home presentation. I was aware I had some...

  • 1
    "K L."

    Let me start with I did not contact this company to get a water filter system. I bought a house and received this packet in the mail for a water sample....

  • 1
    "Simona S."

    I really wish I would have read the reviews on this company before spending well over $7000 on a new system 3 years ago. This is the kind of water I bathe...

  • 1
    "Chelsea Oliver"

    This company is a scam. First, we received a letter in the mail as if it was from our water company saying that we had a free gift card. Then, this company shows up and they tell us about their system. The guy tells all of this nice stuff, but we were reluctant on buying it. He and HIS MANAGER stated that we could return the system at any time if we would like. HERE IT IS 6 MONTHS LATER and we are trying to give them the system due to space and personal matters. Before I was hung up on, they informed that they DO NOT take back the system and the only "service" they do is fixing "minor" problems. Not to mention, now they are avoiding my phone calls, because the lady hung up on me, although I was not hostile nor disrespectful to her. TAKE WARNING TO THE BAD COMMENTS. Those who are complimenting this system I am positive are new users. The only way you can return the device is if you pay it in full and then return it for free. And the free items you get, are cheap and barely clean anything. Buy at your own risks.

  • 5
    "Jeremiah Morgan"

    Very friendly and great customer service! Ricky was great during the testing process. Jeremy got it installed super fast and effectively! and Elise was very helpful and friendly during the follow-up visit. Very satisfied with their service and happy about our water!

  • 5
    "German Valdez"

    I have to admit this has been one of the most rewarded experience when buying something. People was really nice from Ricky the salesman, Jeremy the installer and Alice the person closing the paperwork and logistics of the fragrances. What a nice group of professionals on top of having a great product delivered. Also, knowing what Carolina Waters do as far donating to others in need around the world is another reason to support their Company. The people that interact with customers like me are the sample of having great leaders on their Company.

  • 5
    "Rosa Romero"

    Our family is enjoying the Carolina Fresh Water filtration system, even our pets are enjoying the benefits. Mr. Steve White came by on November 2, 2018 and tested our water. He took the time to explain in details his findings and the benefits of purchasing the specific filtration system for our needs. All the expectations Mr. Steve W. set have been met so far. The very next day as he advised arrived Mr. Jeff to installed the system and explain how to maintain it This system is very easy to maintain. The water tastes amazing (so does my freshly brewed coffee). On that following Monday, Ms. Alyssa arrived to help us set up our product orders that are included with package we purchased. Mr. Steve W. and his coworkers made this experience and process a real smooth one. I highly recommend it!

  • 5
    "Seth Stokes"

    I am very happy with my new water filtration system! I've had it about two months now.The water is very clean and spot free. It is much better than without one. Everyone that I was involved with from testing my water to installing my system to customer service was very professional and very nice!!! I highly recommend this system from Carolina Fresh Water to everyone!!! If you want clean,soft, safe and better water this is the way to go!!! It is a little expensive but worth it! I love my new water!!!

  • "JD Gilliam"

    They were very professional. The technician Josh knew the product and answered all questions.

    2019-03-21 13:46:03
  • "Barb Moore Callaert Hurley"

    I just had the whole house filtration system installed. Tyler was very professional. He answered all my questions throughout the process. It took a few hours but he explained and showed me everything about the system when he was done. He was great.

    2019-03-21 07:42:41
  • "Jason Angela Hinson"

    We love our water system. From the guy that set up our test all the way through—y’all have been very polite and go out of the way to make sure we was satisfied. We wish we had done this a long time ago—was really scary to see how acidic our water was. Jason has had two bone marrow transplants and we used bottled water for the year afterwards but then we was safe. I run a licensed daycare and have to have water tested in October——can’t wait to pass the first time!! Thank you again!!!

    2019-03-13 08:10:02
  • "Julie Yami"

    Great system and great service! I highly recommend this company.

    2019-02-28 19:46:47
  • "Lizzy Neely"

    I love my water system! Very friendly and polite people. All the staff were great, very professional. The installer did a great job, he answered all our questions and made sure we fully understood how the system works.

    2019-02-25 07:48:30
  • "Kyle Ross"

    I received one of the water test mailers which I filled out and sent in. If I knew it was a marketing technique, I probably wouldn't have done it, but I am glad I did. Danny came out to do some further tests on our water and showed us the issues we have with city water. Danny is a great guy and not pushy whatsoever, I truly enjoyed having him out. I originally decided on just the reverse osmosis system due to money constraints, but ended up working out a deal the following day with the tech for the whole home system. Before I get into the equipment itself, lets talk about the tech who came out, Jeremy... Super awesome guy, very knowledgeable and I really enjoyed talking to him while he was installing the system. Jeremy has got to be the best installer they have! As for the system, I do notice a difference in the water, maybe not quite as much as I thought I would, but since you use water everyday, you don't think much about it. I feel like drinking water out of the tap now is much cleaner (also confirmed with a re-test). I'm waiting for this rain and crap weather to stop so I can test the water when washing my always-hard-water-spotted black car. If it can save me 15 minutes during a car wash, it was well worth it! With a lifetime warranty, you really cannot go wrong. It seems like a lot of money on paper, but when all said and done, it's worth it for my family's health. If you can afford the system, I don't see why you shouldn't buy one of their systems. The free soap is a huge bonus, but cannot comment on this yet because my first order is still in processing, but it's an added extra you cannot complain about. This is a seriously great company to work with and they really put the customer first. Danny, our salesman, and Jeremy, our installer, truly are one-of-a-kind great people. I couldn't have asked for a better, yet unexpected, experience!

    2019-02-22 15:10:34
  • 5
    "Audrey Stanaland"

    We've had our whole house water conditioning system since spring of 2017. We're very pleased to have all water for bathing and laundry, as well as drinking water, conditioned and filtered. We had the annual service check today...thanks to Brandon Byerly, an installer and service rep who changed the filters on the RO at the sink (drinking water) and the whole house unit. He answered our questions and gave us a little refresher on maintenance of the system...not much to do, just keep the salt at the proper level, but he explained that we are using the wrong salt..should be using the salt for filtration systems, not pools, etc. We add a bag or two about once a month or 6 weeks. I'm pleased with our laundry and also that I shower / tubs do not have any soap scum problems. I almost never buy a bottle of water anymore...only if on a road trip. We have much purer water right at our tap for drinking water, and the other taps are all conditioned and much safer and nicer for our other uses.

    2019-02-22 13:44:32
  • "Donna Brannon"

    So far very impressed by the service, very kind people. got the system one day and was installed the next day. I have well water and when washing clothes before the fresh water system put in, I could not see soap in the washer. Now after Caroloina Fresh water system placed I only used a third of laundry detergent from what I used prior. and I could see soap bubbles everywhere and my cloth came out smelling so much better. The drinking water is amazing. coffee actually taste like coffee. best investment my husband and i have made in a long time. service tech guy Tyler Mikelaites, was very nice, intelligent, and went out of his way to provide service, made sure we understood everything about the system that there is to know. Thanks so much, from the Brannon's

    2019-02-21 22:06:22
  • "Kevin Waitt"

    Carolina fresh water installed the system that I have they have maintained it and kept it in proper working order. Josh came most recently to service the filters and check water purity and iron levels. Josh is very knowledgable and courteous. He also took the time to explain parts of the system that I didn't understand. His visit was quite enjoyable and my water is soft, no iron, ph balanced and clean. Thank you Josh and all the service and sales personnel at Carolina Fresh Water .

    2019-02-21 11:03:03
  • "Mark Raulerson"

    Brandon Byerly serviced our water system today. Very professional!

    2019-02-19 19:30:28
  • "Beata Dec"

    We had a home filtration system for 3 years now. We love it. We don’t have to think about buying another water filtration systems to make our water drinkable right from the faucet. We always have nice people coming in once a year to check if our system works correctly and to change all the filters. This time it was Tyler and Josh - very nice guys. They were able to answer all my questions. Thank you so much.

    2019-02-15 12:18:09
  • "Connie Carter"

    Josh and Tyler were here to service my water system I purchased from Carolina Fresh Water, They were very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend this company for your water needs.

    2019-02-15 10:36:54
  • "Margie Rivera Joshua Braeske"

    Brandon Byerly was our tech courteous,was on time ,knowledgeable and trustworthy.

    2019-02-13 09:58:58
  • "Gina Gerbe Douglas"

    Recently had a Carolina Fresh Water purifier put into my house and the water tastes great and my skin and hair feel so soft. The people at CFW were wonderful during the sales process, the install and the post follow up. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

    2019-02-11 14:01:40
  • "Charlotte Ricketts Maynard"

    They are very nice people and the system works my water taste a lot better and looks a lot better. They answer all your questions they are not pushy very good people

    2019-02-11 13:40:08
  • "Ryan Mahoney"

    Thank you Stephanie and Brandon for all of your help. Brandon was super nice and did an great job for us. We appreciate it.

    2019-02-07 18:04:10
  • "Vanessa O. Hayes"

    Excellent service guys ~ Excellent customer service (Stephanie Rocks!!) and I ❤️❤️❤️ my water!!!

    2019-02-06 12:40:53
  • "Barbara Persichetty O'Neil"

    We have had our system for two weeks now and we love it! My whole family noticed a difference. The water tastes so much better and our skin is much softer! Happy we invested in this system!!

    2019-02-04 18:09:57
  • "Amanda Walters"

    the water is great....and it's good for the families

    2019-01-29 17:15:39
  • "Joy Curol"

    Very friendly, knowledgeable company! Excellent customer service. They have worked with us on scheduling maintenance around our crazy schedule! Definitely recommend to friends and family. And well worth the peace of mind knowing we have clean water.

    2019-01-25 12:28:47
  • "Nick Curol"

    Great customer service and very knowledgeable. Great company thanks again

    2019-01-25 12:28:14
  • "Sharisse Pabon Johnson"

    From beginning to end Carolina Fresh Water delivered on all its promises. We haven’t made 1 payment yet but the filtration system is installed, we received our rebate, and our cleaning products. Ricky and Matt were amazing and our skin has never felt softer. Thank you so much for this excellent experience.

    2019-01-22 08:25:41
  • "Chris Morris"

    We got our system a month ago and we have seen a huge difference in our skin hair we just got the oxidize system for the laundry and we love it thank you Brandon for everything he did a great job installing everything and explaining everything to me and my wife thanks to Carolina fresh water for a great system

    2019-01-20 14:24:45
  • "Jeremy Alsop"

    Love our CFW filtration system! Water tastes great. Well worth the investment to know you're drinking super clean, pure water!

    2019-01-18 14:19:40
  • "Beckie Rivera"

    Your service young man Brandon came today to service our water system & he was extremely polite & worked swiftly. Thank u for your service.

    2019-01-17 10:45:38
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